Skills by project (till end of 2020)

Jan Brinkhaus and his team have a cross-module and cross-disciplinary understanding of automation systems. The breadth of knowledge enables the team to design holistic solutions, implement them, and guide others in implementing them.

The ToolScope product, developed in 2008 by Jan Brinkhaus, was connected to machine tools using a field bus. By adapting the machine PLC and partly installing small software modules on the machine NC, data was decoupled from the machines and logged at high frequency. The products could be integrated into industry-standard networks to read data from them or to import data into networks from them.

Capabilities from above references:

Executive Director, Development Manager
Java, JNI, C++,
Data visualization and interfaces with Swing,
Creating customized Linux environments and kernels for embedded systems,
Siemens PLC, Siemens NC, Simatic Manager,
Field buses, Profibus, real-time Linux,
Linux shell scripts, Linux server services

Over the years, he added process monitoring features to the data logger, such as monitoring with tolerance bands, trend monitoring of characteristic values, monitoring characteristic values against limits, signal filtering, process documentation, artificial intelligence, and a scripted extension engine. He authored various patents.

Capabilities from above references:

Statistical data processing in Java/C++,
Complex interfaces that change in operation with Swing / partly JavaFX,
massive multithreading under Java, partly C++,
Troubleshooting on/in JVMs,
Neural networks (frameworks Neuroph, Encog),
PDF generation (framework pdfbox),
various Apache Java frameworks

He extended the devices with software that enabled operation of the developed devices from the control screen of Windows-based controllers and Sinumerik Operate.

Capabilities from above references:

Programming for Siemens Operate,
Programming for HMI Advanced

Jan Brinkhaus set up a development department in Bangalore at a group site in India, which served his company in Hanover as part of a Scrum team. He created the process designs for the distributed development between Hanover and Bangalore, introduced appropriate ticketing systems, was responsible for optimizing the onboarding process.

As product owner, he steered the overall development that emerged toward creating a cloud environment into which machine monitoring systems could write condition data, or which could be accessed by visualization software for machine condition indication.

Skills from above references:

Scrum, Product-Owner, Development Project Manager, Distributed Development

The cross-module and cross-disciplinary understanding of automation systems enables Jan Brinkhaus to design holistic solutions, implement them as well as guide others to implement them.

After Start ended his KOMET time, Jan Brinkhaus worked from 2019 first freelance, then as managing director of Brinkhaus GmbH, Isernhagen.

One of his most important projects deals with a jump development for a client not mentioned here. As the leader of a distributed Scrum team, he coordinated the creation of a peripheral system for real-time data processing on machine tools. In the process, he created the core software himself.

Skills from above references:

Scrum, Product-Owner, Development Project Manager, GIT, Visual Studio Code, Docker, Eclipse, Distributed Development

Further, he and his team created a standard connection of measurement systems to MindSphere, or the data cosmos created by Sinumerik Edge systems, for a turbine manufacturer


Skills from above references:

GIT, Visual Studio Code, MindSphere, Docker, Distributed Development, Sinumerik Edge

The Brinkhaus GmbH team also creates edge solutions for a third party vendor, which is not mentioned here.

Skills from above references:

Embedded computing, edge solutions, embedded Linux, C++, Debian, Visual Studio Code, Docker

Jan Brinkhaus` communication skills and technical expertise have benefited him in preparing expert opinions on possible approaches to large-scale projects regarding data processing on machine tools.

Skills from above references:

Communication, dispute resolution, consulting, expert opinion