Brinkhaus GmbH supports companies from a wide range of industries to achieve their goals. Our team of developers complements that of the customer and brings in our know-how.

Our contribution spectrum includes small solutions for data acquisition on machines as well as years of collaboration on new third-party products. We are particularly experienced in the environment of data acquisition and processing on production machines.

From the creation of monitoring systems for machine tools and the merging of data from different data lakes to edge creation and sporadic control service: we act as a universal service provider that implements customer projects with dedication.

In addition, Brinkhaus GmbH is participating in the EUProGiant lead project, which will run for four years, to create Gaia-X prototypes for the production environment. We are also contributing the practical Gaia-X know-how gained in the process to customer projects.

Our team is led by Jan Brinkhaus, who gained broad experience as the founder and long-time managing director of a subsidiary of the KOMET Group.

Our services:

  • Jump development in the field of monitoring, IoT and Edge area
  • Networking of equipment and control systems
  • Turnkey integration of research results into production environments
  • Process monitoring
  • Data analysis
  • Sensor integration

  • Establishing structures, setting up divisions
  • Introduction of agile work processes
  • Introduction of Scrum
  • Establishment of quality assurance
  • Establishment of distributed development
  • Provision of knowledge within the company
  • Internal audit
  • Business plan creation
  • Funding application
  • Venture capital procurement


   Brinkhaus GmbH
   Schneekoppenweg 6
   30916 Isernhagen

   Web.:  https://brinkhaus-gmbh. de
   Mail:  brinkhaus@brinkhaus-gmbh.de
   Tel.:  +49 179 3939 733