Brinkhaus GmbH supports companies from a wide range of industries to achieve their goals. Our team of developers complements that of the customer and brings in our know-how.

From the creation of monitoring systems for machine tools over Operate programming, PLC standardization, the merging of data from different data lakes to edge creation and sporadic control service: we act as a universal service provider that implements customer projects with dedication.

In addition, Brinkhaus GmbH is participating in the EUProGiant lead project, which will run for four years, to create Gaia-X prototypes for the production environment. We are also contributing the practical Gaia-X know-how gained in the process to customer projects.

Our team is led by Jan Brinkhaus, who gained broad experience as the founder and long-time managing director of a subsidiary of the KOMET Group.

Our services:

  • Development for monitoring, IoT and edge technologies
  • Interface machines and clouds of production plants
  • Programming for Operate and HMI Advanced
  • Cross-component programming of HMI/NC/PLC
  • Turnkey integration of research results into production environments
  • Data analysis
  • Sensor integration