Agile Coaching

In large companies the function of agile coaching is often anchored in central departments ( IT / HR / Staff / …) .

Small and medium-sized companies seldom hold such resources. The introduction of agile processes and the questioning of the status quo is the responsibility of the respective department or division heads.

Your advantages when booking an external coach:

  • Inclusion of know-how of third parties with practical experience
  • Faster, better implementation of process changes
  • Lower allocation of existing resources, e.g. with regard to
    • Existing status
    • Definition of target status
    • Adjustment of target definition
    • Creation of documents, adaptation of ISO9001 process descriptions, …
    • Training of employees
    • Doing follow-up workshops

As an agile coach, Jan Brinkhaus behaves neutrally in principle. He brings in his knowledge, generates consensus on goal definitions and changes to be implemented.


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