Unit build-up / founding

In the first three years after the foundation of a company or the establishment of a business division, it becomes apparent whether the project will be successful in the long term.

Start-up difficulties are the rule. They must be regarded as a source of knowledge.

The success of a project depends strongly on the extent to which the above aspects are already taken into account before the start of the project and are subsequently dealt with continuously.

Structures must be continuously adapted to gain new knowledge, planning for products and structures must be regularly validated, employees must be taken along, managers must be built up, … .

Your benefits when involving an external consultant:

  • Inclusion of the know-how of third parties with practical experience
  • Faster, better implementation of regular check-ups
  • Preventing the too early “introduction” into fixed patterns of thinking
  • Consistent cyclical monitoring with regard to
    • Regular stocktaking (achievement of objectives, lessons learned, market environment, success of previous measures, inclusion of employee knowledge, …)…)
    • Renewal of the target definition
    • Construction of the necessary structures (personnel, IT, collobaration software, rooms, …)
    • Training of employees

As an external participant, Jan Brinkhaus can better carry out objective stocktaking and develop the necessary steps. He supports in this function both the team, as well as the supervisors / the partners.


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